Why choose us


You will get an unforgettable catering experience with:

• Superbly cooked food, using prevalently sous-vide method

• Excellent service by well-presented and fun to talk to staff

• Fully bespoke event, planned to your budget and needs

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Colombian chef
in London

Every chef´s life is driven by passion for cooking, but Marlon takes it to another level! Not only has he an onion & garlic, but also a John Dory and a pair of knifes tattooed on his back. Such is his love for food and discovering new flavours.

With 18 years of experience in the best food establishments of Colombia, Spain and United Kingdom – including many Michelin star restaurants – Marlon feels his best in the kitchen. So whatever takes your fancy, he will cook it for you!


Sous vide –

Sous vide is Marlon´s favourite method of cooking for a reason. Easier than the fancy name might suggest (French for ‘under vacuum’), it allows for more accurate & consistent results compared to traditional cooking methods.

Interestingly, sous vide was invented as a result of the search for a perfect way to cook foie gras in the 1970s!

It usually consists of cooking food at low and precisely controlled temperatures inside a vacuum sealed pouch, although different variations like slow cooking an egg or firming oysters, reveal a whole new world of unique textures.

First and foremost though sous vide is marvelous for cooking meat, beef steaks to begin with.


Why we do it

Marlon´s Kitchen grew on Marlon´s passion for cooking delicious food and Lana´s love for impeccable service. We created a company for two reasons:

  • Having run a Supper Club in London for a few years, we realised we can offer an excellent food experience at a better value, than what people usually expect
  • We love our customers and they love us back, so it´s a great way to make a living.

And it´s our customers who create the rest of the story with each job they give us. Here’s what they say:

“Had my hen do dinner at Marlon’s Kitchen. It was such a lovely experience, not only are Marlon and Lana friendly and welcoming, but the moment you walk through the door, you know you’re in for a treat. Marlon’s food is simply exquisite, it’s great to see modern twists on Colombian classics and Marlon is doing that superbly.”

Catalina Silva

“I find Marlon’s Kitchen to be that little bit of something special from the mind blowing fusion food to the outstanding organisation and service. Whether it’s private catering for a corporate event or on my downtime – the amazing pop ups around town and of course the legendary Supper Club for a great night out with friends. You’ll consistently be absolutely impressed. Marlon himself even takes time out to give you some tips. The perfect foodies choice!!!”

Caine Free

“Another unmissable event this week at Marlon’s Kitchen – I can’t think of any better way to spend a weekday (or any other day) evening! Super-friendly company, awesome cuisine and fantastic atmosphere! The height of London “zeitgeist”…”

Rob Edyvean