Boutique catering


We are a boutique company specialising in high end catering, offered at an excellent value.

As an independent business we are exclusive and flexible, which means we can pamper you all the way.


Colombian chef
in London

Every chef’s life is driven by passion for cooking, but Marlon really takes it to another level. His tattoos tell a story of love for food and discovering new flavours. It all started with garlic and onion!

Culinary training in Bogota, twenty years in international kitchens, and Michelin star experience in classic establishments of London, Madrid & Valencia, blend into a unique fusion style that will bring food memories to many.


Sous vide –

Sous vide is Marlon´s favourite method of cooking for a reason. Easier than the fancy name might suggest (French for ‘under vacuum’), it allows for more accurate & consistent results compared to traditional cooking methods.

It usually consists of cooking food at low and precisely controlled temperatures inside a vacuum sealed pouch, although different variations like slow cooking an egg or firming oysters, reveal a whole new world of unique textures.


The story

Our business is defined by Marlon´s passion for cooking and Lana´s love for hosting and impeccable service. As chefs are often merely guests in their own homes, doing our own thing was a lifestyle choice.

Inspired by growing popularity of #mkSupperClub, our pop up dinners in Fulham, we decided to take the plunge and start a catering outfit. We love our customers and they love us back, so it’s a great way to make a living. We never looked back!