your vision

We listen, advice and tailor the celebration to your needs and to your budget.

You need to be happy – this is the bottom line.


Individual menus

It’s not only foodies out there. Some people just want to be fed, and then there’s the healthy ones!

Just like your guests, our menus come in different shapes. You can mix and match, so everyone gets what they fancy. And that’s allergies sorted too!

Fine Dining

wedding ideas

Want a real wedding but traditional ceremony is not your kind of thing?

There are other ways to do it!

  • We can take you to the country, hire a band or a DJ and feed you gourmet street food for a whole weekend of camping.
  • We can prepare an eventful picnic in a park or a secret garden, for a full day of frolicking with your guests.
  • We can light a dreamy BBQ in your own backyard, if you want a cosy celebration or simply don´t want to spend much.

Personal Chef

Private Events

Corporate Catering

Corporate Catering

Outdoor Catering

Outdoor Catering

Street Food

Street Food