Outdoor Catering

Unique locations

When the weather is too good to be stuck inside, let´s set up outdoors!

Whether in your own backyard, in a private park or on a hired farm, we can deliver a party your guests will talk about for a long time.


Great value

These events often represent a great value, are especially fun for groups with kids, and work well for reunions with varying guest numbers throughout.

With our mobile kitchen and a strong festival background, we are flexible and think on a spot. Your guests will always be well fed.


Group getaways

Want to get together with your mates, turn off the phone, have to listen to a DJ only, and eat street food all weekend long, while camping in a tipi and waking up to tweets…of birds?

This works a charm for our busy London clients, who never get to meet their friends for quality time anymore.


BBQ Chef hire

Lighting up a barbecue is usually quite entertaining, but if you can´t be fussed, get our chef to do the hard work for you!

We´ll bring the meat and other supplies (to your budget), cook up a finger licking feast, and do all the cleaning (if you wish).


Paella in London

In your own backyard, on the beach or wherever you fancy really – let us cook up a magnificent paella for you!

Great for lazy Sundays, fun for kids, a wow factor but a budget option at the same time.

Paella party is always a winner and Marlon sure knows his rice dishes, having cooked alongside culinary legends of Valencia for over 4 years!


Dinner on a boat

Get a unique dining experience and venture onto London canals with one of our fully licenced boat operators.

Perfect for smaller groups, fun for families with kids and a beautiful setting for an engagement dinner.

Personal Chef

Private Events



Corporate Catering

Corporate Catering

Street Food

Street Food