Premium Frozen Products

Our handcrafted frozen meals are gluten free, low in salt and fat, cooked without flavour enhancers or preservatives. Please ask for allergy information.

Pork Shoulder, ca 1kg cooked weight (serves 4): £39.50
Tamal with chicken & pork, 600g (serves 1 – 2): £12.50
Empanadas with minced meat and pots, 4 units: £10.00
Empanadas with spinach, halloumi and pots, 4 units: £10.00
Arepas de queso, 4 units: £7.00
Pandebono con bocadillo, 4 units: £7.50
Pandebono sin bocadillo, 4 units: £7.00
Arroz con leche, 500g: £6.50
Ajiaco, 500g: £9.00
Plantain & coconut curry, 500g: £8.50
Chilli sin carne, 500g: £7.50

We use DHL Express and deliver nationwide on Wednesdays. Our products are dispatched in sustainable WoolCool packaging. The  standard price is £10, we need to quote for bigger orders. Local delivery is free and in person. The minimum order for delivery is £55.

We are now based in Kent, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 2RT. You are welcome to collect the products, with no minimum order.

We take orders via WhatsApp, so simply get in touch. You can add yourself for updates following this link